Docademic: Expanding Yet Again

Cryptolinks: Expanding Yet Again
January 14, 2019

What We Do

Now extending its services to 20 Latin American countries, Docademic is continuing its Telemedicine commitment to Free Basic Healthcare. With the introduction of cryptocurrency which is valued using the US and Europe expansion estimates, Docademic is changing the game in healthcare with one of the most ambitious tech and blockchain endeavours to date. Docademic is proud to be John McAfees chosen blockchain.

The Docademic App works using Technology in conjunction with real life human doctors for free to thousands of users in over 20 countries. Giving the user up to the minute leading healthcare advice sourced from its Social Network of doctors and Online resources.

Now with the addition of the Cryptocurrency feature to the App, Its now easier than ever to connect patients who have real issues with live Doctors offering real medical advice on this virtual platform from their current country of residence. The blockchain on the Docademic app also offers an unparalleled level of security for all parties involved.

The Future of The Docademic App

The Docademic app further offers a valuable online portal for healthcare professionals, providing them with Ongoing Medical education, Patient referrals, Tools for doctors everyday practice, and Real Time Reporting of epidemiological data for our clients and researchers using the Docademic for Doctors feature which can translate to finding viable tech driven treatment solutions and real time diagnosis suggestions from other Doctors in the community, the ability to reach populations on mass for preventative campaigns as well as keeping a accurate health records and handbooks or guides.

The MTC or Medical Token Currency is the cryptocurrency that will be spearheading Docademic services going forward as talks have commenced across Healthcare institutions, Governments and partners to make MTC the primary currency of operation as the world prepares to migrate from conventional currency. Its predicted that MTC will be used as the primary mode of payment in all spheres of healthcare in the near future.

What Docademic hopes to achieve in the end is a global system where patients and healthcare professionals worldwide can converge and exchange life changing information for the price of a token. An entire virtual global hospital.

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